Welcoming You to Capland – Celebrating Tradition and Legacy

Everything has a beginning, even the entities that seem to have been around forever, like your favorite brands. The journey to the top may be tough, but what is even tougher is constantly rebranding and re-establishing oneself in the market to stay ahead of the competition. Luckily, here at Capland, we have been able to achieve the latter flawlessly. Today, we proudly announce our new name and new look. Welcome to Capland.

Capland is just not a name; it’s a concept and a representation of the visionary commitment that we have towards developing land and providing our valuable customers with the perfect opportunities to make them prosper. Being from the capital city of Texas, Austin, and selling land has been an integral part of our brand ever since we started our journey. Our name change is a reflection of our evolving vision and strategy.

Change may sometimes be scary, but it is the only consistent thing in life. We like to believe that the new Capland is a representation of timelessness and tradition, which highlights what we have built in these many years. It’s a representation of stability that we have upheld under the leadership and professionalism of our team. We wanted our brand to celebrate our dedication towards our customers, our determination towards our goals, and our success towards land development services.

The brand strategy of Capland is driven by some of the most affluent natural resources in Texas – and we wanted our rebranding to reflect that. We used natural hues and earthy colors to maintain the brand essence that we’ve established over the years. The classic contrast of our logo is symbolic of the balance that we keep between new-age technology and old-fashioned values. It’s a tribute to the people whose land we have bought over the years, people with land who trusted us to turn their dreams into reality.

Capland’s rebranding encompasses our evolving customer base, but it’s also designed to attract new customers. Our new look and brand identity now represent the best of the old world, embracing history and tradition, with a gaze on the future. Our new branding communicates the trust we’ve earned over six decades working with land developers, commercial and residential investors, real estate agents, and people with land.


The journey of achieving greatness is a never-ending process. At Capland, we’ve embraced change without ever compromising on our core values: tradition, professionalism, and customer service. Our new name and new look celebrate everything we stand for and represent. Capland takes pride in our commitment towards developing land, and our brand reflects the users’ trust we’ve earned over six decades of setting benchmarks of excellence in the land development industry. We are thrilled to invite you to witness our evolution, and we can’t wait to work with you. Welcome to Capland.

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